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Song Title

Recording Artist(s)

Behold The Lamb

Song Masters, Hoppers, Jerry Goff, Dove Bros.

Mama, See The Man


Glimpse of Calvary

Song Masters

Jesus, I Believe What You Said About Heaven

Cathedral Quartet, Talleys, The Trio

Boundless Love (#1 in 1987; nominated two years in a row for Singing News Fan Award)

Cathedrals, Legacy Five, Danny Funderburke and Mercyís Way, The Five Broke Single Boys, The Beene Family, Signature Sound

Turn Your Back

Cathedral Quartet, Gold City, Triumphant Quartet

Tell Somebody Again

Karen Peck (solo project)

The Land of Brightest Day


Take Me to the Mountain


God Loves America


We Shall See Jesus (1984 SMGA Song of the Year; nominated for Singing News Fan Award )

Cathedral Quartet, Singing Americans, Melody Masters, Crossmen, Signature Sound, Legacy Five

Home Is Looking Good To Me


By Then



Cathedrals, Legacy Five, Greater Vision, The Booth Brothers, New Ground, Old Paths Quartet

All in God's Own Time

Cathedral Quartet

I'm In The Shadow

Cathedral Quartet, Second-Half Quartet

No News is Good News

Cathedral Quartet

Master Builder

Cathedral Quartet, Greater Vision, The Mark Trammell Trio

Gospel Music On My Radio

Dean Hopper (solo project)

Innocent Blood


On Crucifixion Day

Dean Hopper (solo project)

Sooner or Later

Danny Funderburke (solo project)

Goin' in Style

Cathedral Quartet, Melody Masters, The Booth Brothers

Come Hear The Word

William Pippin (solo project)

High and Lifted Up

Cathedral Quartet

There is a Haven

Cathedrals, Melody Masters

Of Thee I Sing

Greater Vision, The Ball Brothers

He is Mine

Greater Vision, Statesmen

God Has Built a Fortress

Greater Vision

He Rose Again

Greater Vision

I've Passed Over (into Canaanland)

Gold City, Kingdom Heirs

I'm Going Home Someday

Cathedral Quartet, Gold City, Brian Free & Assurance

Jesus Has Risen (Song of the Year, Singing News Fan Award in 1995)

Cathedrals, Legacy Five

I Am Strong

James Blackwood Quartet

God Has Provided a Lamb

Greater Vision

Jesus, My Own

Paid in Full

Oh, Come Along (Nominated for Dove Award in 1996)

Cathedral Quartet

Never Before and Never Again

Cathedral Quartet

Sweet Gloryland

Perfect Heart

Salvation is the Miracle to Me

Legacy Five, Kingdom Heirs

Longing for Beulahland

Gold City, Mark Trammell Trio

I'm Gonna Put on my Travelin' Shoes

Legacy Five

Well Done, My Child

Glen Payne

You Gotta Know

Ivan Parker, Greater Vision, One Heart

Home Free

Down East Boys, John Hagee Family, Triumphant

He Said (#1 in 2000)(Nominated for Singing News Song of the Year)

Gold City

City of Light

Melody Masters, Kingdom Heirs

I'm Taking a Ride

Melody Masters

You Gotta Go By Grace

The Hoppers

God Made It

Kingdom Heirs

Do You Know What It Means (to be a Child of the King)

Kingdom Heirs, 'N Harmony

Common Little Things

Kingdom Heirs, Rick Webb Trio, Crossway

Heaven On Earth

Bayou State Quartet, Melody Masters

Just Beyond The Pearly Gates

Heartland Boys, The Landmarks

I'm Gonna Make My Getaway

The Apostles, Lighthouse, Southern Bros., Down East, Heaven Bound, Toney Brothers

Tempted Like Me

The Apostles

Keep Me On The Wheel

Gold City, The Ball Brothers

Since Jesus Touched Me

Gold City


Gold City, Karen Peck & New River

Iíve Got My Reservation

Heaven Bound, Mike Le Fevre Quartet

He Washed My Sins Away

Heaven Bound, Greater Vision

Jesus Will Be There

John Hagee Family, Four Fold

Sweet Heaven, My Home

John Hagee Family

Iím Gonna Keep on Praising Jesusí Name

Reunion, Kingdom Heirs

Jesus Goes With Me

Melody Boys, Danny Funderburke

Iím Gonna Pray

Dove Bros., Palmetto State Quartet

Once For All

The Hoppers

Whisper a Prayer

Kingsmen Quartet

Deep Water

Brian Free & Assurance

I Want to Glorify My Lord

Kirk Talley

He Will Deliver You

Kirk Talley

That Little Baby

The Ruppes, Gold City, Kingdom Heirs, Justified Quartet

Heíll See You Through

Kingdom Heirs

Nobody Knows the Answer But God

Kingdom Heirs

If You Ask Me

Legacy Five

Work of Grace

Paid In Full

Mercy Moved In


In The Fold


Grace Reaches Farther

Greater Vision

Heavenís Watching Over Me

Lauren Talley

A Love That Wouldnít Die

Integrity Quartet, Steve Ladd

It's Jesus (Nominated for Singing News Song of the Year in 2004)

Mark Trammell Trio, The Talley Trio

Count On You

Kingdom Heirs, Cavaliers, Homeland Harmony Quartet

It Ain't Gonna Worry Me Long

Talley Trio, The Guardians

I Am Free

Mark Trammell Trio

Every Time I Call Your Name

Mark Trammell Trio

Tell Me Who

The Melody Boys, Cross 4 Crowns

I Call On Jesus

Kingsmen Quartet, Ricky Atkinson & Compassion

Pray For Me

Kingdom Heirs, Signature Sound

Where Jesus Prayed

Kingsmen Quartet

This Old Place

Signature Sound

When Mercy Came Down

Mark Trammell Trio

It's The Blood

Mark Trammell Trio

So Long and Good-Bye

Kingdom Heirs

Sweet Land of Rest

Kingsmen Quartet, Palmetto State Quartet

My Resting Place

Palmetto State Quartet, Southern Sound

Hey, Jonah (Nominated for Song of the Year 2007)


Now He Knows What Heaven's All About


I'm Gonna Get Up

Karen Peck & New River

Jesus, My Redeemer

Legacy Five

I Found Mercy

Kingsmen Quartet

Blessing, Burden-Bearing God

The Ball Brothers, Cross 4 Crowns

Strike Up the Band (Nominated for Song of the Year 2007)

Legacy Five

The Right Side of the Dirt

Legacy Five

Jesus Will Never Change

Legacy Five

Fighting On

The Pfeifers

God's Still Good

Gold City

When I Think About Going Home

Firm Foundation

I Want To Go Higher

Firm Foundation

His Grace is Sufficient

Firm Foundation

The Maranatha Church Revival

The Dove Bros.

That Old White Flag (Dove-Nominated 2009 - Best Blue Grass Gospel Song) (Singing News Fan Award Nominee, 2009)


He Will Be

Triumphant, Ann Downing

Even Thomas Couldn't Doubt It

Mark Trammell Trio

Let Me Bring Your Children Home

Mark Trammell Trio

He Already Sees

Collingsworth Family

Since Jesus Moved In

Kingdom Heirs

I Want You to Know

Kingdom Heirs

True to the Call

Kingdom Heirs

Jesus Made a Believer Out of Me (Singing News Fan Award Nominee, 2009)

Kingdom Heirs

The Rock's Between the Hard Place and You (BMI Award 2009 for most played song)

Kingdom Heirs

Lord, Your Word is Still True

Kingdom Heirs

What We Needed (#1 in July 2008);(Nominated for Song of the Year 2008)

Kingdom Heirs

Praying Your Troubles Away

Kingdom Heirs

Know-So Salvation

Legacy Five

Peace Like a River

Greater Vision

Roll On

Legacy Five

Goin' Home Day

Legacy Five

What Salvation's Done for Me (#1 in April 2009) (Singing News Fan Award Winner, 2009) (BMI Award 2010 Most Played Song)

Booth Brothers

Safe on the Glory Side

Mark Trammell Trio

At the Whisper of His Name

Mark Trammell Trio

Called In, Called Up, Called Out

Mark Trammell Trio

If God Said It, I Believe It

Mark Trammell Trio

A New Thing

Brian Free & Assurance, Jay Parrack And Vocal Event

God's Home

Triumphant Quartet

Lead On

Paid In Full

I Know Which Boat to Ride

The Stutzman Family with Gordon Mote

Heaven, The Place of My Dreams

The Melody Boys, The Proclaimers Quartet


The Mike LeFevre Quartet, Reign Down Quartet

Good News Ricky Atkinson and Compassion
Arise The Whisnants, Jay Stone Singers
King Jesus is Coming (#1 in November 2010) The Whisnants
Nobody’s Too Bad or Too Good The Hoppers
Jesus Showed Up Kingdom Heirs
When You Look at Me Kingdom Heirs
On the Gloryland Way Kingdom Heirs
Bibilically Correct Kingdom Heirs
Steppin on the Stars Kingdom Heirs
Fire Away Kingdom Heirs
Help Me, Lord Kingdom Heirs
When the Story of My Life is Told Kingdom Heirs
As Good As I Can Be Kingdom Heirs
Within the Reach of a Prayer Collingsworth Family
Can You Burn (#1 in November 2016) HisSong, 11th Hour
The Son Came Down (Nominee for 2010 Singing News Fan Award for Favorite Song) The Inspirations
Crown Him King The Inspirations, Gospel Singing Caravan, Jay Parrack And The Vocal Event
He Picked Up a Begger on the Way Kingsmen Quartet
Mountain of Grace Kingsmen Quartet, Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

They Went to Pray

Sounds of Jericho, Kingsmen Quartet

I Know You

The Sheltonís, Ann Downing

Let It Go and Lay It Down Triumphant Quartet
I Can Take You to the Place Triumphant Quartet, Carolina Boys
The Father and the Son The Freemans
I Can Make It From Here The Freemans
I Believe, I Believe, I Believe Mark Trammell Quartet
God Knows How Much Mercy I Need Mark Trammell Quartet
When Jesus Comes Mark Trammell Quartet
Peter, James and John (#1 in March 2012) (Nominee for Fan Award for Song of the Year, 2012) Gold City
Footprints on the Water Gold City
Burn the Boat The Whisnants
God's Grace is Sufficient HisSong
Nobody Ever Loved Me Like God Does Legacy Five
We Will Stand Our Ground Kingdom Heirs
Just Preach Jesus (#1 in 2013) Kingdom Heirs
Where's John Kingdom Heirs
If You Give the Devil an Inch Kingdom Heirs
No Bones About It Kingdom Heirs
I'm a Brand New Man Kingdom Heirs
Tell Me Why (#1 in April 2012) Kingdom Heirs
I'm Not Worried About Forever Kingdom Heirs
Hit the Ground Running Kingdom Heirs
When Heaven's Gates Swing Open Wide Kingdom Heirs
Sweet Songs About Heaven The Blackwood Brothers
I'm So Saved New Day, The LeFevre Quartet
You'll Still Be There Wilburn & Wilburn
Jesus Will Wilburn & Wilburn
A Cross Became My Saving Grace Wilburn & Wilburn
Devil Be Gone Wilburn & Wilburn
Family Ties Wilburn & Wilburn
He Was Silent for Me The Browns
Drinking From the Well Three Bridges
The Church Will Overcome The Talleys, Kingdom Heirs
I Can't Help But Smile Triumphant Quartet
Heaven Will Be Mine Someday Triumphant Quartet
God Did It All Booth Brothers
Forever Paradise Melody Boys
Everything You've Done for Me Gene McDonald
God's Been Faithful Liberty Quartet, Mark Trammell Quartet, Thurstons
Nothing Was Burned but Their Bands The Perrys
Grand Old Highway Song Fellows
Don't Start Doubting Now The Dunaways, The Detty Sisters
Coming Clean The anchormen
Loving Sheperd, Gracious God Kingsmen Quartet
Just As He Is The Toney Brothers
Heroic One King's Heralds
Absolutely, Positively, Indispritably True Kings Heralds
Come On In Freedom
My Retirement Plan Freedom
Singing In the Midnight Hour Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
He Was In Charge Tribute Quartet
Good News From Jerusalem (#1 in August 2013 - BMI Most Played Song, 2016) Tribute Quartet
The Time is Now Tribute Quartet
And She Danced Tim Parton
Heaven's Sounding Better All the Time Tim Parton
Just Beyond the Sunset (#1 in October 2013) Kingdom Heirs
The Borrowed Tomb (#1 in 2014) Kingdom Heirs
I Thank You Kingdom Heirs, Journey Home
The Joys of Heaven Kingdom Heirs
I'll Know I'm Home Kingdom Heirs
How We Gonna Live in Babylon? Kingdom Heirs
The Sermon on the Mount Kingdom Heirs
Just Preach It Kingdom Heirs, Justified Quartet
A Man Like Me Wilburn & Wilburn
If These Old Walls Could Talk (Dove Nominee, Bluegrass 2015) Wilburn & Wilburn
It's Not Too Late to Pray Collingsworth Family
A Room With a View 11th Hour
Drinking From the Well Three Bridges
What the World Needs to Hear Booth Brothers
When You Say Jesus Liberty Quartet
More Like Jesus, Less Like Me The McKameys, Mercy's Well
Long Live the King (#1 in July 2014) The Old Paths
When the King Comes to Claim His Throne Mark Trammell Quartet, Spoken 4
Man of Sorrows Mark Trammell Quartet
I'll Take It to the Grave Mark Trammell Quartet
I Wouldn't Have It Any other Way Mark Trammell Quartet
I'll Fly Away Home The Blackwood Brothers Quartet
Come and Dine Kingsmen Quartet
I Will Rise Tribute Quartet
Lord of Promise The Inspirations
It's Not Long Until Forever The Inspirations
Christ Is Still the King Legacy Five
The Mylon Hayes Family Prayer Meeting
Someday The Ball Brothers, Gold City
How Will You Plead 11th Hour
A New Man Skyline Boys
I'm in Good Hands Phil Cross
The Legend of the Fall Spoken 4, Great Day
The Cross Still Stands Carolina Boys
You Said No Great Day
I Still Do Coffmans, Cavaliers
Here Today, There Tomorrow Coffmans, Sneed Family
I'll Keep Trusting On Coffmans, Cavaliers
Somebody's Praying For Me Cavaliers
The Son Came Down Cavaliers
Forever Redeemed Cavaliers, Real Truth Revival
God Is The One Cavaliers
When Jesus Comes Cavaliers
What Did They Call Him Old Paths
How Great The Debt Old Paths and Steve Hess & Southern Salvation
Have You Ever Old Paths
Washed In The Blood Old Paths
Song Of The Ransomed Down East Boys
I Still Remember Down East Boys
I've Got A Reason To Sing Down East Boys
He Does All Things Well Liberty Quartet
I Need A Fresh Drink Liberty Quartet
It's All About Grace Liberty Quartet
A New Look Kingdom Heirs
Saving Us A Place In The Choir Kingdom Heirs
Power In Those Bones Kingdom Heirs
I'm Checking Out Joylanders
I Know Where Home Is Joylanders
God's Amazing Grace Pat Barker & Troy Burn Family
That is Where The Scars Are Troy Burns
When God Shows Up 11th Hour
All Dressed Up (#1 on Bluegrass Chart on June 16th, IBMA Song of the Year in 2016) Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers
Saved Is All You Have To Be The Whisnants
I'm Holding On To Grace The Whisnants
He Lived To Tell It Williamsons
Go Show John Mark Trammell Quartet
All The Way Home Mark Trammell Quartet
Reedmer Of My Soul Mark Trammell
Everybody Come See Jesus Tribute Quartet
Has There Ever Been Triumphant Quartet
A Different Light (#1 in Cashbox Magazine on May 16) Chris Golden
Sunday Shoes Chris Golden
It's Amazing What Praising Can Do Lillie Knauls
I'd Do It All Over Again Lisa Ferguson
It's Jesus In Me Signature Sound
Angels Everywhere Signature Sound
Mercy Still Flows Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, Cavaliers
This Time Steve Hess & Southern Salvation
Yet You Call Freedom Quartet
Yes, He Will Master's Voice
More Than Enough Master's Voice
Peace Is On The Way Old Paths
Rolled Back Stone Greater Vision
The Last Big Thing Kingdom Heirs
I'll Trust you With Tommorrow Kingdom Heirs
Plenty of Singing Kingdom Heirs
Heaven Just Got Sweeter Kingdom Heirs
Just Another Mile (1,000th song) Kingdom Heirs
Victory Kingdom Heirs
The Master Freed A Slave Freedom Quartet
My Heart Will Be At Home Freedom Quartet
I Want To Live Like Jesus Freedom Quartet
What All The Shoutin's About Inspirations
Onward To The Goal Inspirations
Surely I Come Quickly Inspirations, Kingsmen Quartet

Rolled Back Stone (#1 song in Singing News Chart, January 2019)

Greater Vision

I Found Out What All The Shoutinís About

Inspirations, Legacy Five

Wedding Rings and Bibles

Booth Brothers

I Think Iíll Just Praise Him

Ferguson Family

Looking Through the Eyes Of Love

Ferguson Family, Sounds of Jericho

This Thing Called Grace

Talleyís, Sounds of Jericho

An Empty Cross, An Empty Tomb

Sounds of Jericho

God Fights On My Side (#1 in the Singjng News Chart, June 2019)

The Guardians

Love Lives On

Real Truth Revival

Real Truth Revival

Real Truth Revival

Nobody But God

Real Truth Revival

40 Years and Forever


I Sang Myself Happy

The Old Time Preachers Quartet

Isnít It Just Like God

The Hyssongs

God Works Like That

The Hyssongs

I Donít Have to Stay


The Saints Sing Their Way Home


The Stories on the Wall


A Crown of Life

The Mylon Hayes Family

What An Anchor

The Mylon Hayes Family

Moses and Elijah

The Perrys

A Rugged Old Cross

The LeFrevre Quartet

Let My Life Be a Light

Chris Golden

Prodigals Can Come Home

Chris Golden

The Last Time I Saw Him, He Was Walking With God

The Whisnants

The Hem of His Garment

The Mark Trammell Quartet

Forever King

The Mark Trammell Quartet


The Williamsonís

Nothing Less Than Grace

The Diplomats

His Heart Broke

Justified Quartet

So Many Ways to Praise

Justified Quartet

Heaven is the Place Where Dreams Come True

Justified Quartet

Come Lord Jesus

Justified Quartet

It Should Have Rained Justified Quartet, Kingsmen Quartet

The Truth Comes Shining Through

The Old Paths

King of Kings

Kingsmen Quartet

I Can Tell You Why

Gold City

Jesus Frees the Fallen

Gold City

Those Same Hands

Gold City

Live Like Jesus

Collingsworth Family

Home is Better

Jay Parrack and Vocal Etent

Claim the Promises

Carolina Boys

You've Already Forgotten

Carolina Boys

They Never Were the Same Again

Carolina Boys

Dig a Well

Carolina Boys




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